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New website launched!

    Posted in RackSRV News by Jon on 13/01/2013 @ 08:41

It's taken what seems like an eternity but we're delighted to announce that after hundreds if not thousands of man hours, we've finally launched our brand new website suite which includes front end website, billing platform and offsite status blog.

Whilst there are a lot of cosmetic changes, most of the changes are in the back-end which allow us to improve the quality and speed of services we offer to our clients, a few key examples are:

  • Windows server orders can now be provisioned automatically and instantly
  • Windows server clients can now access our self service OS re-install facility
  • Colocation clients will be able to access our self service Linux OS install and recovery facilities
  • Our new API based reseller module is now easier than ever to integrate within WHMCS
  • Resellers can now control a host of self service features for their server clients
  • Our status blog now has multiple RSS feeds so you can choose what you follow (network, promos, news etc)

Needless to say that despite all the hours we've put into designing, developing and testing the new suite, we've only a few sets of eyes between us and thus some bugs may have slipped through the net. If you see anything unusual, please do let us know by dropping a line to so we can fix pronto!

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