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Reboot of Xen VPS Node #2 - Completed

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 06/07/2013 @ 00:07

In order to fix an underlying issue which has caused some legacy HVM (Windows) templates to stop working, it is necessary to reboot VPS #2.  The following window has been arranged to undertake these urgent works:

Date: 06/07/13
Time: 23:00 BST
Duration: ~20mins (most of this time will be stopping/starting VM's)
Affected: All Xen VPS clients

No action is required from clients as we will automatically stop/start all VM's. In the unlikely event of a delay/issue being encountered, we will update this post accordingly.

Update @ 23:22 on 06/07/13 by Jon

Unfortunately we're experiencing a couple of issues in completing these works but we're hard on the case and should have a resolution very shortly.

Update @ 23:37 on 06/07/13 by Jon

VM's should be coming back online, we'll continue to monitor and issue an all clear shortly!

Update @ 23:51 on 06/07/13 by Jon

These works completed successfully a short while ago.  Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the delay.

Update @ 00:07 on 07/07/13 by Jon

Important Note: If any Windows VPS users find themselves without network access, please issue a VPS reboot via our VPS Control Panel *before* opening a ticket as this will likely resolve the issue (there was a problem with the DHCP server which has now been fixed).

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