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Issues at KSP - Resolved

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 17/03/2014 @ 21:03

We're currently experiencing issues with connectivity at KSP, we're trying to get to the bottom of the issue as a matter of urgency and will update ASAP.

Update @ 21:55 on 17/03/14 by Jon

Apologies for the slow update, it's been treacherous getting online at the office with our fail-over connection!

Unfortunately we are onsite and the reason for the outage at KSP is a power failure. The facility operator is also onsite and we're currently awaiting an ETA for power to be restored.

We'll issue another update ASAP.

Update @ 22:31 on 17/03/14 by

Some services are returning now as of yet our core network equipment onsite has yet to be restored, the facility operator is onsite diagnosing the issues at present.

Once power has been restored in full we will be checking every service onsite to ensure all equipment has been restored safely.

Update @ 22:52 on 17/03/14 by

Network was restored 10minutes ago and is currently online, site engineers are diagnosing the cause of the fault now.

Update @ 00:56 on 18/03/14 by Jon

A handful of servers are currently offline whilst we move what we thought was a suspect PDU from an isolated power source back to the regular power feed, apologise for any issues this may be causing.

Update @ 01:43 on 18/03/14 by Jon

As far as we are aware, full service was resumed a short while ago. In the eventually that this is not the case, clients are urged to contact us via our client portal ASAP.

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