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Packetloss at DR POP - Completed

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 09/02/2015 @ 00:42

We are aware and investigating an issue affecting our DR POP - more news to follow shortly.

Update @ 00:52 on 09/02/15 by Jon

It would appear that one of the services hosted at this POP is currently victim of a DDoS attack, our upstream is in the process of mitigating this now and we anticipate that service will resume as normal shortly.

Update @ 01:05 on 09/02/15 by Jon

Unfortunately service has yet to resume as expected, we are still working on the issue and apologies for any inconvenience this is causing our DR customers.

Update @ 01:15 on 09/02/15 by Jon

Service was restored a few moments ago although we are still working with our upstream to minimise the amount of impact our mitigation will have on clients.

Update @ 02:13 on 09/02/15 by Jon

The specific service/IP that was being attacked was discovered a short while ago and as such, our mitigation efforts have been reduced to impact just this one IP.

Update @ 09:10 on 09/02/15 by Jon

After removing the null route that was put in place to mitigate this attack earlier this morning, it would appear the attack later restarted and as such has been re-mitigated.

Update @ 20:26 on 09/02/15 by Jon

It would appear that the targeted client has changed the IP address of the service previously attacked which has rendered our mitigation pointless and as such, we're having to re-mitigate with the assistance of our upstream.  Please be assured that we'll be ensuring the affected service does not get brought back online on our network again.

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