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Order and Payment Improvements

    Posted in RackSRV News by Jon on 17/02/2015 @ 23:32

After weeks of extremely hard work, we are delighted to announce a major functionality update to our order process and the payment methods we can now offer.

Order Verification Process:

It is now possible to pause and resume an order requiring verification at a later time if you do not have immediate access to the telephone number used during registration.

Additionally there are now 2 extra methods of verification offered. Previously we only offered an automated telephone call that read out a unique security pin but we can now offer an SMS service as well as a manual verification call (necessary if your registered telephone number has a switchboard/voicemail only service).

New Payment Method: PayPal Billing Agreement

To simplify the service we offer clients, we have now upgrade our account to work in 'reference payment' mode which effectively creates an agreement between RackSRV and the client. Once established, RackSRV is able to request payment without any input being necessary from the client (rather like having a credit/debit card on file). With an active billing agreement established, clients benefit from a 'one click' payment function that doesn't require logging into PayPal at all!

Additionally this upgrade irradiates the inflexibility of a traditional subscription where clients may find their subscription becomes out of sync with the billing of their service (change in cost, change in renewal date, upgrade/downgrade of service etc),

New Payment Method: Direct Debits

Having suspended acceptance of Direct Debits in early 2014 due to a variety of 'teething issues', we are pleased to inform clients that these issues have now been resolved.

Previously it wasn't possible to initiate a Direct Debit prior to the date of the billing anniversary which caused lots of suspension/overdue alert issues as Direct Debits are notoriously slow to complete (5-7 working days). We have mitigated this issue by initiating payment 10 days prior to renewal.

Additionally it is now possible to order a new service with instant deployment by making an initial payment by an instant method and setting up a Direct Debit for renewal payments (our system handles this automatically when selecting Direct Debit as the billing method).

We have a whole host of other major developments due to go live in the next few months such as a whole new website, vastly superior reseller module and the launch of our affiliate scheme so please keep your eyes peeled for further announcements! :)

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