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RackSRV now a cPanel partner

    Posted in RackSRV News by Jon on 16/04/2015 @ 10:02

As always is the case at RackSRV, we have a lot of working going on behind the scenes to improve the 'RackSRV Experience' for both existing clients and prospective clients.

A relatively small and almost insignificant aspect of these works (compared to some of what's in store for release later this year!) is a policy change relating to how we select vendors/partners - especially software vendors/partners.

Previously our emphasis was put on sourcing vendors/partners who can offer the lowest cost for our clients when it came to value added services such as software licenses (cPanel, CloudLinux etc) where as now we have prioritised things such as dealing directly with the software vendor (as opposed to middle men aka license resellers), direct access to the vendors API for more flexibility our end and direct access to vendor support in the event of uncovering bugs within their software.

Despite this policy shift having a knock on effect with license pricing on some products actually increasing due to dealing direct with the vendor as opposed to a reseller who may have preferential pricing, RackSRV, as always, will refrain from raising costs and will absorb any cost increased internally!

The first notable change that has arisen due to this policy change is that we no longer use a reseller for cPanel related services and have become an Official cPanel Partner (please feel free to visit our profile page and award us 5 stars for our hard work!).  One of the many benefit of us becoming a direct cPanel partner is that we can now automate the acceptance and delivery of CloudLinux orders. Prospective clients will find the O/S Option "CloudLinux 6.x 64bit" under the "Configurable Options" section on any Linux Dedicated Server. If you select this option during checkout then our system will automatically deliver you a server with CloudLinux enabled/install/licensed out of the box!

That's all from us for now, but check back soon for the announcement of a new web hosting panel option - InterWorx!

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