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KSP Power 'at risk' - Resolved

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 07/05/2015 @ 15:10

There is currently an issue at the UK Power Networks Sittingbourne West HV Substation which has resulted in a site wide utility power supply loss. This loss is currently affecting resilient to both our KSP POP and our office.

As designed and expected, both locations failed over to UPS & generator without an issue and therefore no disruption to service is expected but, until the utility power supply has been restored, our power resilience has been reduced and thus is 'at risk'

We will update this task as we receive further notification from the Kent Science Park management team.

Update @ 17:19 on 07/05/15 by Jon

We've had an update and this has been to advise that the fault is due to a damage cable.

Work is being undertaken to complete a repair, test the cable and resolve the issue - the current estimated time for a resolution is 20:00 BST.

Once the fault is cleared the local HV network breakers will be re-energised restoring power to the local HV Network.

We will continue to update this task as we receive further notifications.

Update @ 20:41 on 07/05/15 by Jon

Whilst we've not received any official communication as yet, our own monitoring has detected that the utility supply feeding Kent Science Park seems to have been restored a few moments ago.

Untill we hear official communication, we'll keep this issue marked as 'at risk' but hopefully this won't be for much longer!

Update @ 21:37 on 07/05/15 by Jon

We've now received confirmation, albeit from our KSP POP facility provider, that site wide power has been restored however our KSP POP will remain on generator power until approx. 21:45 to 22:00 to ensure the utility supply is proven stable.

We will mark this issue as resolved once we have received an update confirming the switch has been made successfully.

Update @ 22:43 on 07/05/15 by Jon

We've had confirmation that our KSP facility opperator has completed the controlled switch-over from Generators to Mains Power  and all data centre systems are working as expected.

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