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KSP Network Upgrade #1 17/09/15 - Completed

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 01/09/2015 @ 14:48

We have received communication from our network backhaul provider that they will be upgrading the hardware that terminates our KSP > THE & KSP > THN backhaul circuits as follows:

KSP Network Upgrade Part 1/2

Start: 22:00 BST on 17/09/15
Finish: 04:00 BST on 18/09/15
Impact: Potentially a small amount of packetloss due to network re-convergence and loss of resilience for upto 2 hours whilst 1 leg of our ring is upgraded.

Background on the upgrade from our backhaul provider:

"The new core network commenced design 12 months ago and has been under test for over 8 months and in production for 3 months for inter-datacentre services. The upgrade enables enhanced Ethernet operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) , quality of service, SLA monitoring and standards based performance fault management through ITU Y.1731. The implementation and upgrade plan has gone through exhaustive testing and review to ensure impact is minimised."

To conclude, no action from clients is necessary, we are merely announcing these works as a courtesy/best practice.

Upon completion of the window we will mark the job as 'Completed'.

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