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VPS Node #2 Maintenance Issues - Resolved

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 15/09/2016 @ 08:54

This mornings planned maintenance on VPS node #2 was due to end in the next few minutes however we are currently experiencing hardware issues which will likely cause a delay.

The software works had been completed and all that was necessary was a reboot off the node however the RAID card has seemingly ceased to exist as it's not longer presenting itself during BIOS post.

We do have a spare onsite and are working on getting this swapped out right now.

Further updates will be posted as the issue develops.

Update @ 09:22 on 15/09/16 by Jon

A replacement RAID card has been successfully fitted to the VPS node and we're just about to boot back into the OS now, VPS's will begin loading shortly afterwards.

Update @ 09:34 on 15/09/16 by Jon

It would appear that the updated kernel that the software vendor has installed is not working properly and reverting back to the original kernel is not helping either.

We have escalated the matter as an emergency to the vendor whilst we continue to diagnose/repair the matter.

Update @ 09:53 on 15/09/16 by Jon

After two hellish mornings of trouble, I believe we are finally back up and running in a stable manor with the only outstanding issue being the configuration of the recovery console.

Please accept our continued apologies for the shambles this maintenance window has caused, needless to say we'll be looking in to how things went so wrong and where both we and our appointed vendor can improve.

Our findings/conclusions will be entered into an RFO which we hope to email over within 48hrs.

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