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VPS Infrastructure Migration 19/01/17 - Completed

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 09/01/2017 @ 22:56

As per an email sent out to all affected clients on 09/01/17:

Here at RackSRV we are always looking at ways to improve the services we offer our clients and one such example of this continuous pursuit is the revelation that RackSRV will shortly be embarking on a migration to a data centre with a higher specification that is also based within Kent Science Park.

Currently our primary point of presence (POP) resides within SOTA's N+1, Tier 2/3 aligned facility 'F25' however starting next week, we will begin a staged migration to SOTA's vastly superior, N+N, Tier 3/4 aligned facility 'B810'.

Having already moved some of our internal services, the next step is to move our VPS/cloud infrastructure and as such, we have raised the following window accordingly:

Start: 08:00 GMT on 19/01/17
End: 09:00 GMT on 19/01/17
Impact: Approximately 15-20 minutes of service disruption whilst servers are shut down, relocated and booted back online
Affected: All VPS/Cloud clients with IP starting 213.5.182

Whilst every effort will be taken to cleanly shut down VPS containers during the window, clients may wish to ensure no data is lost by shutting their own VPS down in readiness for the window outlined above.

Managed VPS/cloud clients need not take any action as any necessary preparations will be undertaken on your behalf.

We will endeavour to keep clients informed as to the progress of this window by adding comments to this status blog article.

Update @ 09:24 on 19/01/17 by Jon

VPS2 is now back online. VPS3 will be back online shortly. We are currently resolving issues with this machine.

Update @ 09:31 on 19/01/17 by Jon

The issue with VPS3 has now been resolved and the node is booting back up now, containers should be operational within a few minutes.

Update @ 09:38 on 19/01/17 by Jon

We're now experiencing other issues with VPS3 and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible - further updates to follow.

Update @ 09:41 on 19/01/17 by Jon

Scrap that, VPS3 is indeed back online and containers are already booting. If you have a VPS that is not online within the next 5 minutes then please open a support ticket with us.

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