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KSP Network Upgrade 29/03/17 - Completed

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 22/03/2017 @ 20:16

With the relocation of our infrastructure expected to conclude on 27/03/17, the final task is to migrate to our new network.

This work will be completed over the space of two short windows in order to minimise service disruption.

Window #1 comprising of taking old router/transit out of service & bringing new router/transit online:

Start: 22:00 on 29/03/17
Finish: 22:30 on 29/03/17
Impact: A brief period (lasting 1-2 minutes at maximum) of packetloss whilst our current transit is shut down and our new transit is brought in to service
Affected: All services hosted in our primary KSP POP

Window #2 comprising of reinstalling decommissioned router from window #1 as part of a new 'virtual chassis' configuration:

Start: 09:00 on 31/03/17
Finish: 17;00 on 31/03/17
Impact: None expected

Should any customers wish to discuss these service improvement works with us then please do not hesitate too contact our help desk or call 0330 229 1000 during office hours.

Update @ 22:26 on 29/03/17 by Jon

Unfortunately the 'brief period' of disruption we anticipated has been a little longer than expected but needless to say we're working on concluding works ASAP - please accept our apologies for the unexpected delay.

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