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Partial loss of service at KSP (Rack 01) - Resolved

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 24/10/2018 @ 20:59

We're currently investigating a partial loss of service to our KSP network. It's not yet clear if it's just internal services that are affected (including our website) as most external resources that don't seem to be reliant on are operational.

We've sent an engineer to site to investigate and will feedback shortly.

Update @ 21:23 on 24/10/18 by Jon

A fault has been diagnosed on power port supplying power to switch01 which in turn provides connectivity to a hanful of internal services (such as our web server, DNS1, KVM proxy and also a VPS node).

As a temporary work around we have moved power to a different port on the PDU but will arrange a maintenance window for later this week to replace the PDU.

Update @ 09:05 on 25/10/18 by Jon

This issue has just reoccurred meaning our temporary solution hasn't proved to be too effective as it seems the PDU is the issue and not just the port. As such, we've scrapped raising a planned window to replace the PDU and are just going to replace the PDU now to prevent any further disruption to those in rack 01.

Update @ 09:10 on 25/10/18 by Jon

We have swapped out the faulty PDU, this issue should now be fully resolved.

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