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MariaDB issue on cPanel servers

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 06/11/2019 @ 02:06

Following a lengthy investigation as to why MySQL (well, MariaDB) stopped working on our own web server at approx 10 PM yesterday, it appears there is a bug in a MariaDB update that cPanel has pushed out to many servers which gives the illusion that databases have become corrupt for no apparent reason.

No official fix has been published as yet but seemingly, issuing a manual downgrade of MariaDB via yum appears to be working for now.

We've already rolled out this downgrade on affected managed customers servers, any affected unmanaged customers can temporarily resolve the matter by issuing:

yum downgrade MariaDB-server MariaDB-common MariaDB-shared MariaDB-client MariaDB-compat MariaDB-devel; /scripts/restartsrv_mysql

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