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Major update for RackSRV reseller module!

    Posted in RackSRV News by Jon on 08/11/2011 @ 12:46

After months of solid work from our team we're pleased to announce that as of this morning we have launched a brand new WHMCS module for our resellers which offers a far superior feature set and is much easier to install than our previous individual modules.

Resellers can now:

a.) Synchronize stock levels, package descriptions and offer resold clients management access from a single module.
b.) Get up and running within minutes and without needing extensive PHP/MySQL knowledge, simply download our module, unzip, upload and configure within WHMCS itself!
c.) Suspend/unsuspend a resold dedicated server cleanly and safely either manually by the press of the button or automatically via the WHMCS cron (Automation Settings needs to be enabled) using the built in WHMCS feature - no more powering off the server when a client hasn't paid!

Resellers client can now:

a.) Reboot their server themselves without the assistance of the reseller
b.) Issue automated O/S re-installs for supported Linux distributions
c.) Create/edit/remove rDNS records for any IP assigned to the server in question
d.) View current and historic network usage on Cacti graphs

Additionally a layer of protection has now been added to prevent accidentally re-sending reboots/re-installs when refreshing as well as preventing reboots/re-installs when an existing request is still in progress.

If you are looking for a reliable, well priced UK Dedicated Server reseller and like what you're reading and want to hear more than please drop us a line to

Alternatively, if you are already a RackSRV reseller and want to update your module to take advantage of these fantastic new features then please submit a ticket in to our support department.

That's all for now folks but keep your eyes peeled for new feature additions such as instant, automatic Dedicated Server deployments which will be coming shortly!

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