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Reminder: Network Maintenance Tonight - Completed

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 25/07/2017 @ 21:47

Just a quick reminder that as per yesterdays network maintenance notification, we have a window open tonight until 23:00 BST during which we expect a few brief interruptions to service whilst routing equipment installs new updates.

Update @ 22:02 on 25/07/17 by Jon

We've hit an issue following the reboot of our virtual chassis master which is delaying the resumption of service.

We'll update this notification ASAP with further updates.

Update @ 22:33 on 25/07/17 by Jon

Current situation is that the virtual chassis master appears to have crashed and the slave failed to take over the load.

We're working on bringing the slave back at the moment.

Further updates to follow.

Update @ 22:47 on 25/07/17 by Jon

Both virtual chassis members have come back online after a bizarre sequence of reboots.

It's going to take some time to investigate the log files left on the routers but we will endeavour to feedback as soon as we have an understanding of what went so terribly wrong during this planned network maintenance window.

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