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Root CA Certificate Expiration

    Posted in Industry News by Jon on 03/06/2020 @ 10:47

On May 30, 2020 an intermediary CA certificate used by Sectigo expired causing some older versions of OpenSSL unable to validate the certificate chain. This event reduced compatibility with a wide range of software and services. Some of the impacted software is listed below. New installations and updates for cPanel & WHM, EasyApache, and several other services were impacted. We have since installed an updated intermediate certificate provided by Sectigo to restore functionality.

Sectigo SSL certificates installed before May 1, 2020, will need to be reinstalled to ensure compatibility with the software listed below. If you are running a supported version of cPanel & WHM (version 86 and later), and have updates enabled, we have issued a fix to install the new intermediate certificate during the next update that does not require updating OpenSSL. The intermediate certificate update is seamless to end-users.

If you have disabled automatic updates and you are running a supported version of cPanel & WHM (version 86 and later), running the following commands in a root shell will update the affected Sectigo intermediate certificates for configured domains hosted on the server:

/scripts/autorepair update_sectigo_cabundles

These commands will not work on unsupported versions of cPanel & WHM. Servers running anything older than version 86 should update as soon as possible.

Note that this will not correct hostname certificates. If your server's hostname certificate is exhibiting errors related to this, please see our article here:

You can find out more information from the vendor about the root CA certificate expiration here:

Affected Client Software:

  • Legacy clients that have not received an SSL/TLS update since mid-2015
  • Client software using OpenSSL older than 1.1.0, such as wget and curl

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