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Urgent maintenance to VPS3 on 05/09/20 @ 9PM - Completed

    Posted in Service Status by Jon on 05/09/2020 @ 10:07

Apologies for the short notice but we need to announce the following service impacting maintenance window affecting VPS3:

Start: 21:00 BST on 05/09/20 (Today!)
Finish: 21:30 BST on 05/09/20
Reason: Replacing memory modules to resolve outstanding issue we discovered during the unexpected outage on 25/08/2020
Impact: Any container on the VPS3 node will experience disrupted service whilst we power down the node, replace the RAM and boot it back up

This service announcement will be updated on completion of the window.

Update @ 20:04 on 05/09/20 by Jon

This window is now open, we're currently in the process of shutting down all containers so we can make the hardware changes.

Update @ 20:15 on 05/09/20 by Jon

All containers have been shut down and new RAM has been installed - just waiting for everything to boot back up which is normally quite a slow process!

Update @ 20:19 on 05/09/20 by Jon

Node is back online, containers are booting up now...

Update @ 20:32 on 05/09/20 by Jon

From what I can see here, all containers have been back online for a few minutes now and as such, this window looks to have concluded successfully.

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