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Security updates for all SolusVM versions

    Posted in Industry News by Jon on 19/06/2013 @ 08:19

In light of the recent zero day security exploit that SolusVM have already patched, they are conducting a full audit of all their software resulting in another update.

Here is the content of the notifcation they sent out:

SolusVM Security Alert

    Posted in Industry News by Jon on 16/06/2013 @ 12:56

We have recently received notification from the SolusVM team of a security issue within all versions their software (including beta) which we wish to share with our clients/readers.

Until a proper fix can be built/tested/released, the r...

New SSHD Rootkit

    Posted in Industry News by Jon on 19/02/2013 @ 18:59

We are currently aware of a new SSH Rootkit as per the following link:

As the source of this exploit is cur...

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